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Flash Cards Set of 2

Flash Cards Set of 2

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🟢 For 3+ months babies

✅ Help language development

✅ Improve vocabulary

✅ Help building early attention span and concentration skills

✅ Develops Photographic Memory

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Materials and care

Made of Natural Wood.

Do not wash in directly in water.

In order to clean the toy, wipe it with wet cloth and dry it in direct sunlight.

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Get your perfect toykit by customizing it basis the toys that your may already have.

Brain Benefits

Know which parts of your baby's brain are getting developed with these toys​

  • Explore Neurosurgeon-Approved Toys in this image, featuring a range of playthings designed to support brain development and motor skills in children, as recommended by experts.

    Neurosurgeon Approved

    Toys created by a mother and approved by a neurosurgeon

  • Developmental Aid

    Stimulates all-round, cognitive development

  • Cost Effective learning

    Reusable across multiple growth stages

  • Educational Playtime

    Promotes creativity and problem solving

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Know about the toys in-depth

Flashcards helps with Language Development

Language Development: Introduces bilingual vocabulary, fostering early language skills

Elevate vocabulary building with our flashcards. Through vibrant visuals and concise explanations, these versatile learning tools offer an effective way to expand language skills and enhance word retention, making learning engaging and enriching for all.

Vocabulary Building: Broadens vocabulary with varied words and images

Boost attention and concentration with our flashcards. Designed to captivate and engage, these versatile learning tools provide a focused learning experience, perfect for sharpening cognitive skills in learners of all ages.

Attention and Concentration: Promotes focus and cognitive development through engaging content

Strengthen your photographic memory with our flashcards. Through repeated exposure to visual stimuli and active recall, these versatile learning aids provide an effective method for enhancing memory retention and recall, fostering cognitive development and learning success.

Development of Photographic Memory: Supports visual memory strength with memorable imagery

Dual-Language Labels: Names in English and Hindi on each card, enhancing accessibility for diverse caregivers.

Educational Imagery: Features fruits and animals to capture attention and stimulate curiosity.

Parent and Caregiver Friendly: Bold names on both sides for easy reading and display flexibility.

Montessori Inspired: Encourages explorative and self-guided learning.

Vibrant and Engaging: Large, colorful images designed to engage babies visually.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Simran Kaur

These cards are not only educational but also a lot of fun.
My child has improved his vocabulary significantly
since we started using them.

Nitin Joshi

They do the job, but the card quality could
be better.
Feels a bit flimsy for my active kid.

Deepika Sharma

These flash cards are simple yet very
effective. Great for early development stages.

Gaurav Dixit

Perfect for my toddler’s learning stage.
She's learning to recognize shapes
and colors better than ever!

Kavita Mehta

Cards themselves are fine, but the packaging was not great.
Cards were loose and could get damaged easily during shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

My little one is between ages. Can I mix toys from different kits?

Yes, we can customize the toy kit to perfectly match your child's development stage. WhatsApp our design expert for assistance.

My baby is developing faster/slower than other kids. How do I pick the right toy kit?

Every child is unique! Our toy design expert is here to help you choose a toy kit that best supports your baby's individual pace and style of learning. WhatsApp our design expert now.

I already have a few toys. Can I just get the rest of the kit?

Of course! We're more than happy to customize a kit that complements what you already have. WhatsApp your requirement to our team now.

Why are these toys priced higher than others I've seen?

Our toys are crafted with expertise, love, and careful attention to quality. They are the result of years of research and are handmade by dedicated artisans. These toys are designed to support your baby's development and are a worthwhile investment.

What can I do with these toys after 3 months?

Many of our toys offer value beyond the recommended age. They can be used in different ways at different developmental stages for creative play and learning activities

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Your order will be delivered within 3-5 working days across India.

What if I don't find these toys useful for my baby? Can I return those?

Your satisfaction is our priority. If you are not fully satisfied, we have a comprehensive return policy. You can return these toys within 15 days of delivery.

How can I clean these toys?

You can simply sterlize the wooden toys under direct sunlight and wash the fabric ones with normal detergent and dry in direct sunlight. If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to contact us.

Are these toys and materials safe for my baby?

Absolutely! We prioritize your baby's safety. All our toys undergo rigorous safety checks and are made from baby-friendly materials.

What if my baby or pet damages the toys soon after delivery?

We understand accidents happen. If the toys get damaged within a week of purchase, we'll replace them for free.

Do the toys come with instructions on how to use them for developmental benefits?

Each of our toy kits comes with a comprehensive guide that helps parents understand how to use the toys for optimal developmental benefits.

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