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  • Some words from our founder:

    I want to help parents become more confident!

    Being an entrepreneur, I always approach anything new with extensive research, and my journey into motherhood was no different. Like every mother out there, I wanted to understand the science behind how a baby develops and ensure that I provided my little one with the best possible environment to learn and grow.

    Through my research, I discovered the Montessori play method, a scientifically proven approach to child development pioneered by Dr. Maria Montessori. While there are numerous toys available in the market based on this method, finding age-appropriate toys that cover every developmental aspect can be challenging.

    After trying and testing various toys with my own baby, I handpicked a selection of toys that not only made sense to invest in but also covered all the essential developmental milestones. These toys are must-haves for every baby, and once you have them, you won’t need any others in that age group.

    As word spread, other mothers began to ask me for my toy recommendations and that’s how I gave birth to my second baby – Brainytots. Through Brainytots, I not only promote these effective toy kits, but I also share my knowledge and experience on various important aspects of baby’s physical and brain development, daily parenting issues, tips on keeping your baby busy and many more.

    It is common knowledge that a baby’s brain develops 85% in the first three years of life, and this is the only stage when they have no access to schools or teachers for guidance. Babies are unable to learn in the traditional sense; instead, they absorb knowledge from their surroundings. As parents, it’s our responsibility to create a meaningful environment for our babies to boost their cognitive development. My toys and parenting tips aim to provide just that.

    I hope that you too can benefit from my knowledge and experience to give your child the best start in life. Wishing you all the best on your wonderful parenting journey!

    - Nikita