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6 Plus Months Baby Toy Box

6 Plus Months Baby Toy Box

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6 Plus Months Baby Toy Box Helps:

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Materials and care

Made of Natural Wood.

Do not wash in directly in water.

In order to clean the toy, wipe it with wet cloth and dry it in direct sunlight.

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Want some toys less or more than these toys?

Get your perfect toykit by customizing it basis the toys that your may already have.

Brain Benefits

Know which parts of your baby's brain are getting developed with these toys​

  • Explore Neurosurgeon-Approved Toys in this image, featuring a range of playthings designed to support brain development and motor skills in children, as recommended by experts.

    Neurosurgeon Approved

    Toys created by a mother and approved by a neurosurgeon

  • Developmental Aid

    Stimulates all-round, cognitive development

  • Cost Effective learning

    Reusable across multiple growth stages

  • Educational Playtime

    Promotes creativity and problem solving

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Know about the toys in-depth

Introduce your baby to our Object Permanence Box, perfect for babies aged 6 months and up. This interactive toy teaches object permanence with 3 colorful balls, fostering hand-eye coordination and enhancing fine and gross motor skills. Crafted from durable wood, it offers endless opportunities for learning and play. Elevate your baby's development with

Object Permanence Box With 3 Balls

✅ Teaches object permanence

✅ Includes 3 colorful balls

✅ Durable wooden construction

✅ Improves hand-eye coordination

✅ Enhances fine and gross motor skills

Elevate your baby's playtime with our Ring Stacker, perfect for babies aged 6 months and up. Featuring ergonomic rings for easy grip and crafted from natural wood with non-toxic colors, it enhances fine and gross motor skills while teaching color and size differentiation. Inspired by Montessori principles, it fosters self-learning and exploration. Discover the joy of developmental play at

Wooden Ring Stacker

✅ Ergonomic rings for easy grip

✅ Natural wood, non-toxic colors

✅ Enhances fine and gross motor skills

✅ Teaches color and size differentiationˇ

Explore our Wooden Nesting Bowls, designed for babies aged 6 months and up. This set of 5 colorful bowls teaches colors, size, and depth perception while improving hand-eye coordination. Montessori-inspired for problem-solving skills, these versatile bowls can nest together or stack into a tower, offering endless play possibilities. Elevate your baby's learning and exploration with

Wooden Nesting Bowls

✅ Set of 5 colorful, different-sized bowls

✅ Teaches colors, size, and depth perception

✅ Improves hand-eye coordination

✅ Montessori-inspired for problem-solving skills

✅ Versatile: nest together or stack into a tower

Discover our Pull Toy, ideal for babies aged 6 months and up, designed to promote gross motor skills, whole-body coordination, and spatial awareness. Encourage your baby's development of fine motor skills while fostering crawling and walking through playful interaction. Elevate your baby's exploration and movement with

Pull Toy

✅ Promotes gross motor skills for movement

✅ Enhances whole body coordination

✅ Develops spatial and fine motor skills

✅ Encourages crawling and walking through play

Introduce your baby to the Egg and Cup Montessori Puzzle, perfect for babies aged 6 months and up. Boost problem-solving and fine motor skills with its easy-grip design, while promoting body balance and cognitive development. Elevate your baby's learning and playtime experience with

Egg And Cup Montessori Puzzle

✅ Boosts problem-solving and fine motor skills

✅ Easy grip for effective learning

✅ Stable design for body balance improvement

✅ Encourages cognitive and physical development

Introduce your baby to our Circle Shape Puzzle, designed for babies aged 6 months and up. Encourage problem-solving, cognitive growth, and hand-eye coordination while enhancing fine motor skills with its easy-grip design. Featuring a mirror for self-recognition, it offers a multi-sensory learning experience. Elevate your baby's playtime with

Wooden Circle Shape Puzzle With Mirror

✅ Encourages problem-solving and cognitive growth

✅ Promotes hand-eye coordination and play

✅ Designed for easy grip to enhance fine motor skills

✅ Includes a mirror for self-recognitionˇ

Discover our board books, perfect for babies aged 3 months and up, featuring high-contrast, colorful imagery and durable pages sized for small hands. Stimulate language development, foster reading love, and enhance vocabulary while bonding with your baby. Elevate your baby's early learning experience with

Board Books (set of 2 books - Birds and Fruits)

✅ High-contrast, colorful imagery

✅ Sized for small hands, durable pages

✅ Stimulates language development and reading love

✅ Facilitates parent-child bonding

Introduce our Flashcards, ideal for babies aged 3 months and up, designed to enhance language development, vocabulary, attention span, and concentration skills. Stimulate your baby's cognitive abilities and foster early learning with

Flashcards - Set of 10 cards

✅ Help language development

✅ Improve vocabulary

✅ Help building early attention span and concentration skills

✅ Develops Photographic Memory

Guidebook for Parents

✅ How to play each toy with the baby?

✅ What to expect from your baby?

✅ Benefits of the t oy and why should baby play each toy?

✅ At-home activities for babies for that age group

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Top-Notch Toys with Great Concepts

Suberb kit of toys by brainytots......
Excellent concept behind all toys, which makes kids even more engaged with toys rather focussing on other things.
I would 100% recommend for concept, quality and videos awareness towards these toy kits.

Priyanka Raina
Economical and Thoughtfully Designed

I was buying toys feom other platforms and from past few months have ordered from here.
I personally liked the thought behind all toys are nice and even kits are very much economical than others.

Anita Verma
Staple in Our Playtime

This kit has become a staple in our daily playtime. The Object Permanence Box and the puzzles are incredibly engaging.

Mohan Kumar
Educational Value in Every Toy

Impressed with the quality and educational value of each toy. The Flashcards and Board Books are fantastic for language development.

Divya Prakash
Thoughtfully Designed for Fun

Every toy in this kit has been thoughtfully designed for growth and fun. The Pull Toy is especially loved by my baby.

Frequently Asked Questions

My little one is between ages. Can I mix toys from different kits?

Yes, we can customize the toy kit to perfectly match your child's development stage. WhatsApp our design expert for assistance.

My baby is developing faster/slower than other kids. How do I pick the right toy kit?

Every child is unique! Our toy design expert is here to help you choose a toy kit that best supports your baby's individual pace and style of learning. WhatsApp our design expert now.

I already have a few toys. Can I just get the rest of the kit?

Of course! We're more than happy to customize a kit that complements what you already have. WhatsApp your requirement to our team now.

Why are these toys priced higher than others I've seen?

Our toys are crafted with expertise, love, and careful attention to quality. They are the result of years of research and are handmade by dedicated artisans. These toys are designed to support your baby's development and are a worthwhile investment.

What can I do with these toys after 3 months?

Many of our toys offer value beyond the recommended age. They can be used in different ways at different developmental stages for creative play and learning activities

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Your order will be delivered within 3-5 working days across India.

What if I don't find these toys useful for my baby? Can I return those?

Your satisfaction is our priority. If you are not fully satisfied, we have a comprehensive return policy. You can return these toys within 15 days of delivery.

How can I clean these toys?

You can simply sterlize the wooden toys under direct sunlight and wash the fabric ones with normal detergent and dry in direct sunlight. If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to contact us.

Are these toys and materials safe for my baby?

Absolutely! We prioritize your baby's safety. All our toys undergo rigorous safety checks and are made from baby-friendly materials.

What if my baby or pet damages the toys soon after delivery?

We understand accidents happen. If the toys get damaged within a week of purchase, we'll replace them for free.

Do the toys come with instructions on how to use them for developmental benefits?

Each of our toy kits comes with a comprehensive guide that helps parents understand how to use the toys for optimal developmental benefits.

Have more questions?